Sun Gas cylinders are produced in accordance with the most recently updated production standards under the supervision of worldwide accepted third-party inspection authorities.
Aiming an ultimate body metal protection, all outdoor use cylinders are zinc coated with an optimum thickness.
Each and every Sun Gas cylinder is 100% controlled at 5 stations.
- Corrosion (body metal thickness) control
- Valve joints leakage test
- Overall leakage test
- Tare weight control
- Excess or incomplete filling control

Industrial Cylinder

45 kg

For high consumption groups such as work places and industries.

Industrial Cylinder

24 kg

For businesses that consume more than average home consumption.

Home Cylinder

12 kg

For home cooking and heating purposes.

Home Cylinder

6 kg

For home cooking, heating and lighting purposes.

Camp Cylinder

2 kg

With very low net cylinder weight it is very portable and is compatible with special heating and lighting devices.